Guinea fowl meat is white like chicken but its taste is more reminiscent of pheasant, without excessive gamey flavor.

Guinea meat comes from the guinea pig, a small rodent that runs wild across parts of South America. As far as who eats guinea meat, there are many cultures who do but most commonly millions of guineas are eaten every year in the country of Peru.

What Does Guinea Meat Taste Like?

Most people describe it as being similar to duck or another kind of grey meat. It is very rich and also fairly oily, plus it is often fried when served and so it can taste especially oil for that reason. Guinea meat nutrition facts include that this meat is high in protein while remaining low in levels of fat and cholesterol. Although traditionally Indigenous peoples were the ones eating guineas in the Andean highlands, it is not becoming more acceptable socially for anyone to eat them, especially across Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

Is Guinea Meat Legal in the United States?

The answer to that question is surprisingly yes. Under federal law, the guinea pig or cuy is considered an exotic meat. It is regulated the same as game meat such as rabbit, venison and bison and its sale is monitored by the FDA. As for where to buy Guinea meat, it is readily available online at a variety of exotic meat markets. In other parts of the world, like in South America, it can be found sold nearly anywhere, including as live animals in cages in market settings.

Eating This Exotic Meat

Guinea meat is cooked in a similar fashion to chicken as it reacts similarly. It is often deep fried but it can also be braised and roasted like many other kinds of meats. Sometimes, the meat is sold already dressed. Typically it is seasoned with Latin American spices as that is the cuisine where it is most commonly found. Here we will include a recipe which highlights steps on how to cook Guinea meat.

Guinea Pig Recipes