Goose is entirely dark meat, which some say tastes very much like well done roast beef. Goose has a great deal of fat between the skin and meat, but the meat itself is very lean. The skin should be pricked every inch before roasting to release the fat.

Geese are among the most plentiful of all of the game birds in the U.S. today. You can hunt them in just about every state during select parts of the year. Some states even allow for hunting of geese during both the fall and spring.

Goose is also one of the most flavorful exotic meats that you will put on your table. Find out how to hunt for or buy goose meat and why it can be the ideal addition to your diet today.

Is Goose Meat Legal in the United States?

Not only is goose meat legal in the United States. It is also highly prized among hunters and fans of exotic meats alike.

You can hunt for a broad variety of geese in most states, even in Hawaii, all of which provide savory and juicy meat for your table. However, out of all of the species, Canada geese are among the most plentiful and flavorful.

Some of the best states to hunt for goose include:

However, you can also hunt for Canada geese as far south as Oklahoma and Texas during the fall months.

Geese are so plentiful that many states allow for both firearm and bow and arrow seasons. They also encourage adolescent hunters to get out and hunt these game birds by offering youth seasons.

Where to Buy Goose Meat

You can buy goose meat from a number of sources in the U.S. All of the places that sell this meat must be licensed and regulated by the USDA. It is not technically legal to buy it from hunters because of stringent food and safety laws in this country.

That being said, however, you can buy it from meat processing plants that specialize in processing game meats like geese. These businesses buy geese from farms that raise the birds exclusively for meat processing.

You can also buy it from groceries stores that sell exotic meat like geese. The meat may only be available during certain seasons, such as Christmas or Easter. Other stores, particularly those that sell organic groceries, make available this meat year round.

What Does Goose Meat Taste Like

One of the first things that anyone who eats goose meat will tell you is that the meat has a darker, fattier and richer flavor than chicken and other poultry. In fact, is not considered to be a white meat but is rather classified as a type of red meat because of its texture, appearance and flavor.

Many species of geese, especially Canada geese, are so well fed that they cook in their own fat. You do not need to much, if any, oil or flavorings to the meat to bring out its full flavor.

As with any wild game, however, the meat can be gamey and have a stronger flavor than to what your palate is accustomed. One of the best ways to draw out the gaminess is to soak the meat in cold milk in the refrigerator for one to two days to make it milder in flavor and more palatable.

How to Cook Goose Meat

You can cook this meat in the same ways as you would any other poultry. Some of the best ways to prepare it is to bake or fry it.

However, you can also bake and braise it. If you process it into smaller pieces like legs and drumsticks, you can even barbecue or grill it. It is a versatile wild game meat that is relatively easy to cook and can be used in a variety of dishes, even soups and stews.

Wild Goose Meat Nutrition Facts

A three-ounce serving size of meat from a goose contains 113 calories. It also has more than 20 grams of protein and around four grams of fat. It contains 68 grams of cholesterol and 286 grams of potassium.

It is also a good source of phosphorus, riboflavin and niacin. It contains 42 grams of sodium.

Wild goose meat is among the most flavorful and readily available of all exotic meats in the U.S. You can hunt for these game birds in nearly every state.