Free Range Chicken

Chicken is one of the most widely consumed types of meat in the world. In the United States alone, researchers have found that the average American consumes more than 200 pounds of this common form of poultry per year. Moreover, it is estimated that the nation eats roughly eight billion chickens per year.

Chicken Meat

Chicken meat consists of several edible components. The body is comprised of both white and dark meat that should not be overly tough or chewy. Other portions of the bird that are commonly consumed include the liver, gizzards and giblets. Additionally, the fowl’s skin is often eaten along with its meat.

Chicken Meat Nutrition Facts

Nutritionists and healthcare professionals often encourage patients to consume a chicken’s meat over red meat and other animal flesh because of its nutritional value. This category of poultry has a relatively low calorie content and discernible concentrations of beneficial substances like protein, unsaturated fats and iron. Moreover, the product contains fewer quantities of potentially detrimental chemicals, such as sodium, saturated fats and cholesterol.

What Does Chicken Meat Taste Like?

Many people describe chicken’s taste as a simple but flavorful. The specific type of meat and part of the common fowl being consumed might also play into explaining its taste. For example, dark meat has a somewhat sharper and more striking flavor than the white variety. Furthermore, different components might have varying palates based upon their consistency.

How To Cook Chicken Meat

Chicken’s meat can be prepared countless different ways. That said, this fowl’s meat must be cooked thoroughly. Undercooked meat can produce serious illness. Specific preparation methods often depend upon the part of the bird being cooked. This type of poultry is comprised of numerous commonly eaten components like legs, breasts, wings and thighs. However, well-known preparation practices include baking, frying, broiling, grilling, roasting and sautéing.

Culinary professionals opine that chicken’s meat can be optimally cooked by avoiding the following preparations mistakes:

Rinsing Before Cooking

Rinsing chicken’s meat prior to cooking is said to increase the consumer’s chances for developing food-borne illness through a process known as cross contamination.

Do Not Throw Away Unwanted Portions

Some chefs might not desire certain parts of the bird. That said, these products should be discarded because they could make good bases for soups or flavoring.

Never Refreeze Thawed Meat

Food safety experts maintain that refreezing thawed chicken can alter the meat’s texture and significantly diminish the product’s flavor quality.

Leave Skin On

Chicken’s skin is tasty. Ergo, preparing chicken’s meat with skin intact often enhances the final product’s overall quality. However, professional chefs also maintain that a chicken’s skin is also paramount to the prevention of overcooking and helping the meat retain its moisture.

Do Not Add Excessive Seasoning

Adding a certain degree of spices often enhances the final product’s flavor. However, overly spicing chicken’s meat can significantly detract from its taste.

Let Cooked Product Sit

Chicken’s meat tastes best when it is given time to cool following the preparation process. After removing chicken from the oven, professional chefs suggest allowing the meat to settle down to room temperature before consuming.

Perform The Color Test

Prior to purchasing chicken’s meat, consumers can determine its quality be examining its color. Packaged meat that possesses a pink hue is considered of good stock. Should the purchaser detect a greyish tone, the product should be avoided.

Where To Buy Chicken Meat?

The popular fowl is readily available for purchase from online food retail establishments, wholesale retailers, well-known supermarket chains and most entities that sell food. Additionally, the product can be sold in different quantities. Consumers can purchase whole or half chickens or in components like legs, thighs, wings and breasts in separate packages.

Who Eats Chicken Meat?

This fowl is consumed on every corner of the world and is a popular staple of almost every nation or ethnicity’s cuisine. Moreover, most restaurants feature dishes comprised of chicken’s meat.