Originally of South American origin, the Muscovy duck is a breed apart from the rest. Due to South America’s warmer climes, it requires no fat for protection against cold weather and therefore is by far the leanest domesticated duck breed. It is almost 40% leaner than the more common Pekin ducks.


Though more well-known and popular than several other products befitting the category, duck is still considered an exotic meat. Moreover, said bird is considered a delicacy to same and an ingredient in some of the world’s most famous dishes.

Scientifically, these birds are members of a family of waterfowl known as the Anatidae. That said, there are several subspecies of these creatures native to numerous global regions, which spend most of their time in water.

Duck Meat

Many culinary experts opine that this meat is different from the more commonly consumed fowl like chicken, turkey and one of its cousins, the goose. In general duck meat is considered to be tough.

However, this is because said birds are more muscular and possess less body fat than other fowl. Also, said a significant percentage of chefs believe toughness also often results from overcooking.

This poultry’s meat can be presented in several forms. Some butchers and wholesalers offer consumers whole ducks. However, portions of the bird, such as its legs and breasts can be purchased in separate packaging. Additionally, some sellers offer other products like sausage.

Duck Meat Nutrition Facts

Nutritionists laud duck’s nutritional value. This product contains significant concentrations of protein, healthy fats, iron, selenium and various differentiations of the Vitamin B complex. Healthcare professionals maintain that consuming duck’s meat on a relatively regular basis might elicit several health benefits, such as a reduced chance of developing heart disease, a strengthened immune system, increased bone vitality and optimal thyroid function.

What Does Duck Meat Taste Like?

Regular consumers opine duck’s taste is more akin to red meat like steak than chicken or turkey. Additionally, this fowl is typically moist and juicy unlike chicken and turkey, which can sometimes be dry.

How To Cook Duck Meat?

There are those in the culinary industry who suggest that one need not possess exceptional cooking skills to prepare this type of meat well. However, the product is easy to over prepare. Ergo, individuals with experience suggest preparing key components like the legs and breasts separately.

Breast meat cooks quickly. Therefore, preparers are encouraged to cook this product to only medium or medium rare designations. Legs are thicker and meatier. Ergo, said items necessitate longer preparation times. Those who wish to cook the entire bird are encouraged to first trim excess fat and then roast for a couple hours.

Where To Buy Duck Meat?

This product is available for purchase from many online wholesalers. Additionally, duck’s meat can be found at seafood specialty stores and at a variety of supermarket chains. Moreover, the popular fowl is often featured in a variety of restaurant dishes.

Who Eats Duck Meat?

Duck’s meat is widely eaten throughout the world. Furthermore, said product is popular in ethnic cuisine, including many types of Chinese cooking and French culinary efforts, such as duck l’orange, which has become a staple in many upscale establishments over time.

Is Duck Meat Legal In The United States?

Duck’s meat is legal to sell and consume in the United States. That said, consumer laws prohibit sellers from filling said product with antibiotics or hormones.