Wild Boar

Wild boar meat has a sweet, nutty, and intense flavor. Wild boar meat is leaner and deeper red than pork; meat of the young boar is very tender. Wild boar may be prepared like pork.


Wild boars wreak havoc across much of the Southern United States. In fact, half of the world’s wild boar population can be found in this country. They are notorious for devastating the natural landscape and terrorizing and killing livestock and pets.

Because of how devastating these animals are to natural ecosystems, many states like Texas and Florida offer year-round hunting with unlimited bagging. You can hunt as many wild boars as you want as long as you have a legitimate use for the meat. You can enjoy the advantages that come with hunting and consuming wild boar meat by learning about its taste and nutrition facts.

Is Wild Boar Meat Legal in the United States?

Not only is wild boar meat legal in the U.S. Gaming officials in states like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Florida welcome hunters each year to thin out wild pig populations. Hog hunting licenses are very affordable and often come with unlimited bagging of these creatures.

However, if you not much of a hunter, you may how you can legally obtain some for your own kitchen. You have the option of buying a tag for a hunter and entrusting this individual to bag you one. You also can purchase the meat from a number of domestic sources.

Where to Buy Wild Boar Meat

Knowing where to buy wild boar meat legally in the United States is critical for avoiding falling afoul of U.S. custom and gaming laws. It is true that there are no laws that prohibit the actual sale of any wild game, including wild boar.

However, there are laws in place that prohibit the sale of wild pig meat that has not been inspected. The USDA regulates inspecting and sale of wild game meat, including the meat from feral hogs. If you plan on purchasing the meat, it must bear the USDA inspection label on its packaging.

With that, the most common places to find it are your local butcher shops or meat processing plants. These types of facilities have USDA inspectors on the premises. You may also be able to find it at your local farmers’ markets, as many meat sellers frequent outdoor markets to sell their inventory.

What Does Wild Boar Meat Taste Like?

Anyone who eats wild boar meat will tell you that the meat’s flavor is a cross between beef and pork. You would expect it to have the same flavor and texture as domestic pork. However, because the pigs are feral, they root on a variety of vegetation, causing their meat to have a darker appearance, tougher texture and richer and nuttier flavor.

You should note that wild pig meat can have a distinct gamey taste, something that you do not encounter when you eat domestically raised pork. To get rid of the game taste, you must soak the meat in milk for at least a day if not longer. The milk draws out the gaminess and makes the meat more palatable.

How to Cook Wild Boar Meat

Despite not tasting like domestic pork, meat from a wild boar can be cooked in many of the same ways as pork that you buy from the store. In fact, some of the most popular cuts of meat from a feral boar are hams, shoulders, ribs and tenderloins.

You can cook all of these cuts of meat the same way that you could any other cut of pork. Because of the natural richness and flavor of the meat, it needs very little seasoning. However, you can also barbecue or smoke cuts like the ribs to bring out a richer and more delectable flavor.

Wild Boar Meat Nutrition Facts

A single serving of feral boar meat contains nutrients like:

It is also a good source of nutrients like:

It also has a high content of selenium in it.

Wild boar meat is one of the most flavorful and healthiest of exotic meats available in the United States. You can hunt for it in many states like Texas and Florida. You can also buy USDA-inspected boar meat from meat processing plants and butcher shops.