Wagyu Beef

If you are an exotic meat hobbyist, you have probably heard or seen wagyu beef meat on a menu. You may have also seen how expensive a cut is, especially in high-end restaurants. However, not too many people understand why this beef meat is so pricey. Here is everything to know about this unique meat.

What is Wagyu Beef?

This is a special breed of Japanese beef cattle. The phrase wagyu collaborates this further as it translates literally to “Wa” which means Japanese while “gyu” means cow. This cow breed has extreme intra-muscular fats cell or tie-dyed like marbling that makes the beef tender, juicy, and rich.

Wagyu Beef Nutrition Facts

Most nutritional experts liken Wagyu beef meat to salmon or olive oil regarding the health benefits it offers. It also comes with interesting dietary facts that are quite different from typical cow beef. One of the nutritional points you will note is its high concentration of monosaturated fats.

It has 300% more fat concentration compared to typical beef because of the tie-dyed marbling on the meat. The presence of monosaturated fats gives this beef the lowest cholesterol levels compared to all meats.

Other wagyu meat nutrition facts you can expect are the presence of oleic acid and iron. Oleic acid is good for the heart, while the iron is responsible for the transportation of oxygen in your body.

What Makes this Beef Special?

Here are two factors that make this meat special.

Its Marbled Texture: The distinctive nature of wagyu makes it different from other kinds of beef because of its marbled texture. The presence of marbling is an indication of intramuscular fat that can be found in the muscle. Because of the cows’ unique genetics, wagyu meat contains more fatty acids, and this, in turn, gives it a higher marbling score. A higher marbling score makes the meat more juicy, tender, and incredibly flavorsome.

It melts in the mouth: The high concentration of monosaturated fats and its marbled texture gives wagyu meat a mouth-watering, moist, and tender taste. It also has a buttery and creamy, savory taste that makes the beef melt in your mouth with every bite.

What Does Wagyu Meat Taste Like?

You are probably wondering, what does Wagyu beef taste like? Well, it has a rich, delicious taste thanks to the quality of its fat. The lack of grease gives your mouth a melting and butter feeling that makes it worth every bite.

Who Eats Wagyu Beef?

Considering how pricey it is, it is easy to wonder who eats wagyu beef. Well, anyone except vegetarians can eat this meat. If you want to have a different experience with beef, you should try eating wagyu. The taste will be worth every penny.

Where to Buy Wagyu Beef

Here are some of the places to buy wagyu meat:

• Grocery Shops
• Butcheries
• Supermarkets, specifically big ones

How to Cook Wagyu Beef

Here is a recipe you can follow to cook wagyu meat.

1. Take the meat out of the freezer one hour before cooking time. This will allow it to de-freeze under room temperature. It will also enable the meat to relax, making it easy for you to trim excess fat from the steak.

2. You should preheat your BBQ plate or non-stick pan under medium heat. Once the pan is hot, it is time to place the steak in it without adding any butter or oil.

3. Apply pepper and salt on both sides of the steak to give a caramelized outer layer during searing.

4. Sear all sides of the steak to help seal the moisture in. Make sure you cook each side for two to three minutes before flipping to the other side.

5. Lower the heat and continue cooking until it gets to your preferred color and softness.

6. Let the meat rest for a few minutes, as this will make the juices settle and the steak relax. After, five minutes serve it on a warm plate with an accompaniment.

Is Wagyu Beef Legal in the United States?

The answer to this is yes. The ban was for live animal export from Japan and not the meat. The purchase of this meat is restricted to a limited supply, meaning that people cannot buy a massive amount of wagyu meat.

Why is Wagyu Beef Expensive?

The wagyu meat comes in four cuts, and they include Japanese Brown, the Japanese Black, Japanese Shorthorn, and Red Wagyu. Despite the variety of cuts, Japan still regulates the production of wagyu, and this drives the price of the meat even higher. It also expensive because of the way these cows are raised and slaughtered.

Apart from its taste, the wagyu does have nutritional benefits that make it worth every bite.