Venison is low in fat, low in calories and low in cholesterol. Venison is darker red and more richly flavored than beef. Farm-raised venison does not have the gamey taste of wild venison.

Cook deer meat quickly over high heat and always serve rare or medium rare or it will become tough and chewy. Venison is best used as venison roast, and is one of the best games meats. Often called deer meat, venison provides the best of the wild game meats.

Venison Meat

Venison typically refers to deer meat but can also mean the meat of a large game animal including buffalo, moose, caribou as well as wild boars and hares. Venison has gained more acceptance, over the years, in American diners with the rise of commercial ranching. For the purpose of this blog, we’ll focus on deer meat as the main for of venison meat.


There are about 60 species of deer. They have been speculated to have emerged in the northern hemisphere and now are native to all continents of the world. The species range from very small to extremely large. The smallest deer can weigh about 20 lbs. and grow to a height of 14 inches.

However, the largest deer is the moose which can be as tall as 6.5 feet and weigh nearly 1,800 lbs. All species of deer have antlers which grow from boney supporting structures.

Venison Meat Nutrition Facts

Venison meta is an excellent source of both protein and vitamin B12. It’s a great source for us to get riboflavin, vitamin B6, niacin, iron as well as phosphorus. Like bison meat, venison meat is rich in selenium, zin and copper.

This is a lean, nutrient-dense meat that is low in fat and high in protein making it ideal for those who want to watch their cholesterol levels. However, if you’re someone who is prone to gout, you should eat venison meat in smaller quantities—it could cause flare-ups since this meat is rich in purines.

We see venison stew meat sell for $13.00 per pound, venison patties for $10 per pound and venison frenched rack for $83.50 per 5-pound package.

While it is illegal to sell wild game meat in certain areas of the US since it is not raised for slaughter, in a few locations its legal although the cost is quite prohibitive.

What Does Venison Meat Taste Like?

When describing venison meat, people usually resort to using adjectives like “rich” or “earthy”. This festive-tasting meat is often imbued with hints of herbs that deer enjoyed during its life. It’s considered to be less juicy and succulent than beef—its texture is smoother and firmer. We recommend pairing this meat with fruit or wine-based sauces.

Parts of the Animal

Venison meat is usually consumed as steaks, tenderloin, roast, sausages or minced meat. It is cuts have a finer texture and are typically leaner than beef.

How to Cook Venison Meat?

Because venison is quite lean, you must avoid overcooking the meat or else it will become dry and chewy. We feel that the grill is the perfect place to cook venison steals as the intense heat allows for the meat to cook quickly. Since it doesn’t have a lot of fat, the piece of meat can stick to the grill so brush your steak with oil before laying it out to grill.

Below are a few recipes we think are just marvelous!