Rocky Mountain Oysters

Testicles are a by-product from neutering a young animal that is being raised for meat. Lamb, calves, roosters, and turkeys are among the major animals we generally make use of with this cut of meat.

Rocky Mountain Oysters Meat

Testicle meat is most comparable to seafood. The texture and taste is reminiscent of calamari. This exotic meat tends to be on the high side for cholesterol but is a fantastic source for your daily dose of protein. You are able to try an assortment of animal testicles that will range in flavor based on the animal it comes from. Most popular being the bull testicle. Local butcher shops or farmers markets can provide you with this fun exotic treat.

Where to find 

Since this cut of meat comes from a range of young animals sourcing it out for purchase is fairly easy around the world. Most of the testicles come from the United States although Canada, Syria, India, and Spain are also known for incorporating testicles into many of their common dishes.

Testicles are not illegal in any country but can be semi hard to come by. Late spring will be the time to start shopping for this meat since they are a seasonal specialty. Although butcher shops and farmers markets will sell them frozen all year around.

Rocky Mountain Oysters Nutrition Facts

A three and a half ounce serving size has:

How to cook Rocky Mountain Oysters

There are many ways on how to cook animal testicles and they are all fairly easy to do. The most common process is deep-frying until the skin is crispy and brown and the inside is tender and soft. The most important thing to know about this meat is before cooking the meat must be skinned, scalded, and then soaked in cold water. The meat cooks very similar to ham and can get dried out fairly easy. The meat is packed with flavor and only take minutes to cook because of their size.

Common dishes include: