Farm-raised rabbit is a lean, slightly sweet meat with a closely textured flesh that has virtually no fat and is very high in protein. Rabbit is an alternative to chicken, with the additional advantage that it is commonly raised without the use of hormones or steroids.

Rabbit Overview

Some breeds of rabbits, like Californians and New Zealands, are raised for the wonderful quality of meat that they produce. When prepared properly, this meat makes a wonderful main entree. You can cook this meat in many different ways.

Therefore, you will never get tired of having the same old thing again. This meat that is eaten by many different cultural groups is legal in the United States, and you can get it from some exotic meat vendors if you do not know a breeder who is culling a herd or want to go hunting yourself.

What does Rabbit Meat Taste Like?

Rabbit meat tastes very similar to chicken. If you are getting your meat from a meat vendor, then it will not have a gamey taste. Prepared without seasonings, it has a light flavor that is neither sweet nor sour. The great news is that with the addition of your favorite spice blends, you can make the meat taste just about any way that you desire because its light taste picks up other flavorings exceptionally well.

How to Cook Rabbit Meat?

There are many different ways that you can prepare the meat. It can be stewed and eaten on buns. It makes a great addition to stews on a cold winter day. You can also roast it. It can also be breaded and fried. Finally, consider putting it in your slow cooker along with your favorite vegetables and letting it cook all day.

Where to Buy Rabbit Meat?

You can buy the meat at a variety of places. Some people go to breeders to get their meat while others choose to hunt it. Of course, the easiest way to get your rabbit meat is to buy it from an exotic meat vendor.

Who Eats Rabbit?

A wide variety of different cultures eat rabbit. Regardless of where your ancestors came from, the chances are that they had this meat on their dinner tables regularly. Today, the highest amount is consumed by people in Korea, followed by those in Spain and Italy. Rabbit is a universal meat that is eaten around the globe.

Is Rabbit Meat Legal in the United States?

The resounding answer is an absolute yes it is legal to own, ship, and sell rabbit meat in the United States. Its production and sale are governed by laws enforced by the Federal Drug Administration to ensure that you are perfectly safe eating this meat.

Rabbit Nutrition Facts

At just 795 calories per pound, this meat is an outstanding addition to your family’s dinner routine. This meat contains 20.8% protein, which is higher than most meats that you are serving now. Eating a serving gives you 58% of the protein that you need each day. It also contains only 4.5% fat, which makes it one of the healthiest choices you can make. A serving of this meat also includes 12% of the iron that your body needs.

If you and your family have never had rabbit, then you need to fix it for your family very soon. The toughest part will be deciding if you want to roast, fry, stew or slow-cook it, so be sure to order plenty.