Pork meat is one of the most common meats consumed in the world. Famously called “the other white meat,” many consume it on a regular basis due to its various cuts of meat and wide range of recipes in which it can be used.

Pork meat itself absorbs flavors very well, making it a staple for those that like to marinade or season their meats. From breakfast to barbecue, the meat can be found in many different cultural cuisines.

What Does Pork Taste Like?

Pork is a popular dish because its adept ability to absorb flavors. Depending on the cut of meat, the flavor can change dramatically. Looking at bacon alone, the curing process can input flavors, but it is generally a saltier taste. Adding bacon to dishes will add an extra burst of flavor that is almost sure to please.

How the cuts of meat are cooked will also play a factor in taste. While it can usually be a juicy cut of meat, when overcooked it will become quite dry and have a chewy texture.

Most professional barbecue competitions include pork as a staple because of the precision needed to both season and cook the meat. Realistically, you can make pork meat taste a multitude of ways by how you prepare it and what seasoning or marinades you choose to use.

How to Cook Pork?

The other wonderful thing about this meat is that a single type of cut can be cooked many different ways and produce different flavors. Bacon is well known to be fried in a pan or skillet and cooks in its own fat, producing a salty and savory flavor that is enjoyed on its own or in other dishes.

Larger cuts can be roasted or baked, included in soups, or thrown on a grill to enjoy on a warm day. It is important to cook the meat thoroughly to prevent the chance of food borne illness, but with proper preparation this should not be an issue.

Where to Buy Pork?

For those looking to purchase the other white meat, it can be found at nearly any local grocer or meat market. Depending on the market, it is typically an affordable meat which makes it a very popular choice. It is usually best to make sure you are getting the meat from a trusted source to ensure proper packaging and handling was done to prevent illness.

Who Eats Pork?

The meat is consumed by many worldwide and is a staple in cultural dishes. Unless there is a religious issue against the practice of consuming the pig, there is a large number of people who consume it. Pigs typically prefer warmer climates, but when raised domestically they can survive most anywhere. This makes the access to the meat readily available to most people.

Is Pork Legal in the United States?

As long as the supplier and sellers are following USDA guidelines, it is perfectly legal to find the meat in the United States. Mostly it can be found in the meat sections of grocery stores and markets. Many times, grocers will cut and package the meat in store to ensure freshness without relying on additives.

Pork Nutrition Facts

The meat is known to be high in protein and contains many necessary vitamins and minerals. When consumed in moderation, it can be a great addition to a healthy diet. Depending on the cut of meat, it can typically contain more fat than other meat options.

Also, preparation of the meat will play a part in nutritional value in regard to sodium and fat levels. Cured the meat, as done with bacon and ham, will add sodium to help with preservation over time. It is known to be a good source of iron in diets it is efficiently digested after consumption. With proper preparation, it can be a healthy addition to nearly every diet.

With so many options with how to prepare as well as cooking the meat, it is no wonder that pork is one of the most popular choices in the world. With pigs found on every continent except Asia it is a readily available food source that has provided people a healthy and affordable option. Now with the accessibility of technology, it is easier than ever to find a recipe that fits your diet today.