While most Americans love to eat mild and tender flavor-filled meat, there are a few who consider themselves daring eaters and like to have something that is out of the norm once in a while. If you fall under this category, lion meat will be a delightful meal to add to your list of exotic meats.

What Does Lion Meat Taste Like?

If you think that the meat tastes similar to something that you have ever prepared in your kitchen or eaten at a restaurant, you are very wrong. Wild meat often has a unique texture and taste that you are unlikely to find at your local supermarket.

Renowned game hunters say that the taste of this meat is nearly similar to that of a wild boar. Since this big cat feeds on free roaming-creatures in the wild such as deer and gazelles, its flesh is full of protein. It also has a high muscular density, making it tough, gamey, and full of flavor.

How to Cook Lion Meat

Because of its texture, the meat requires a bit of work before you can finally put it on your plate and enjoy its rich flavor. Some of the steps involved in cooking the meat include;

Tenderizing the meat:

Pounding the meat beforehand will not only add to its flavor but also make it tender and easy to chew. You can either do this using a meat mallet or a tenderizing tool whose needle points pierce the meat. Alternatively, you can marinate the meat using an acidic ingredient such as vinegar or lemon juice. This method will tenderize the meat while adding seasoning and flavor to it.

Season the meat with Meat Rub:

The best way to season the meat is by using a semi-spicy meat rub. Mix your preferred ingredients and apply the mix directly to the meat. The meat rub will work best if you apply it to the meat when it is already on the grill. Using barbecue sauce is another great way to add flavor to your meat. If you decide to go for this method, ensure that you let the meat sit in the sauce overnight so that it can absorb the flavors.

Grilling techniques:

Although you will have done some tenderizing work beforehand, it is essential to be strategic about your grilling to get a soft and flavorful meal out of your lion meat. One of the best approaches is to grill the meat with indirect heat. Elevate the meat to a higher rack rather than placing it closest to the flame and close the grill to turn it into a slow cooking oven. Alternatively, you can use an offset smoker. In each case, ensure that the meat is well cooked before digging in.

Where to Buy Lion Meat

Because African Lions are categorized as an endangered species, you are likely to find the meat of a North American Mountain Lion. The meat is available in various exotic meat markets, at different price ranges depending on the size that you wish to purchase. Some of these markets have online platforms where you can order the meat and have it delivered in the comfort of your home.

Who Eats Lion Meat?

Over the past decade, the meat has been gaining popularity in the United States. The exotic game meat is not only enjoyed by game hunters but also occasionally appears in restaurant menus.

In the recent past, the meat has been incorporated into meals such as burgers and tacos. Though these meals are pricier than the regular ones, they offer a fantastic experience for daring eaters.

Is Lion Meat Legal in the United States?

The consumption and sale of this meat from captive-raised lions are legal in the United States. It is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for consumption.

The African cat has, however, been listed as an endangered species, and you are more likely to find meat from the North American Mountain Lion in the market.

Lion Meat Nutrition Facts

This meat is filled with nutritional value, and a four-ounce serving has about 250 calories. The meat is made up of 38% protein and 62% fat. If you are watching your diet, you need not worry. This meat does not contain any carbs in it.

Lion meat will not only please your taste buds but also offer you great nutritional value. Visit your nearest exotic meat market for this exotic treat.