Lamb is the meat of young domesticated sheep in its first year. This is how lamb differs from mutton which is the term used to describe the meat of adult sheep. It is a type of red meat that is quite rich in iron and other minerals as compared to chicken or fish. Because it is so rich in these vitamins and minerals, lamb makes for an excellent component of a healthy diet.

Lamb Meat Nutrition Facts

While this meat generally consists of protein, it also has varying amounts of fat. In a 100-grma serving of roasted lamb meat, you will get the following nutrients:

So, how much does lamb meat cost? We’ve seen lamb sausages for $12.25 (.75lb), ribs racks of 1.75 lbs. for $44.99 and 5 lbs. of ground meat for $65.95. Thus, as you can see, the prices vary greatly depending on what meat product you buy.  Lamb meat is totally legal to consume in the United states and can be bought at stores and exotic meet shops.

Flavor Profile

By now you must be wondering what this nutritious lamb meat tastes like: delicious! While we will agree that lamb meat is an acquired taste, since some people may find that it tastes a little gamy.

Lamb meat is definitely firmer than chicken or fish but not as firm as beef. Most of its flavor comes from its fat—particularly the branched-chain fatty acids produced by bacteria that is present in the lamb’s rumen. Lambs raised on a diet of purely grass, tends to have a more intense flavor.

What Parts of the Lamb to Consume?

The primal cuts of a lamb consist of shoulder which has a complex bone structure and has a rather large fat deposit. The next most favored part is the rack. To many people this is the most desirable part of the lamb and is used in the most classic lamb recipes. It is also a lot more expensive than the rest of the parts.

Lastly, leg of lamb is prized everywhere lamb is eaten. It is highly popular in France and many other countries as well. Meaning that people often pay good price for this part of the lamb.

Other less popular parts consist of the head, shanks, and the whole breast.

Cooking/ Recipes

Because it is vetted as such a prized red-met, its important to know how to cook lamb meat. In case you’re preparing a lamb roast, you will need a lean piece of meat. Cook it at 450°F for the first 15 minutes and turn the temperature down to 350°F in order to continue roasting. The meat will reach medium rare consistency in the next 25 minutes.

Other lamb recipes include:

Looking at the recipes, its easy to tell what country still eats lamb meat—mostly Middle Eastern ones or those in Asia.