Elk is the second largest member of the deer family. Elk is very dark and coarsely grained. It can be described as the sweetest of the deer meats. Elk can be cooked in the same way as venison. Considered by many zoolgists to be the same species as Moose.

Elk meat is a flavorful and nutritious choice of meat because it is available primarily only in select butcher shops and meat processing plants, it is considered to be more exotic than beef.

You can also hunt for it yourself by obtaining a permit in one of the numerous states that allow hunters to take elks. It can be prepared and enjoyed in familiar cuts like steaks, roasts, burgers and even jerky.

Elk Meat

Elk is a highly popular exotic meat in the United States. It is packed full of nutrients that surpass those found in beef that you can buy at your local butcher or grocery store. By many standards, it is also more flavorful and tender.

When you want to sample this exotic meat, you need to know how and where to find it. You also need to understand how to process and cook it for you and your family.

Where to Find Elk

If you plan on hunting for elk, you need to know where to find this prize game. These deer-like animals populate most of the northern, central and Rocky Mountain states. They are plentiful in states like Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Montana and Wyoming.

You can also find them in sparser populations in central states like Kansas and Nebraska. While northern and Rocky Mountain states issue permits for widespread hunting of these animals, Nebraska and Kansas have lotteries to hunt them.

What Does Elk Meat Taste Like?

Elk meat is similar in appearance and texture to beef. However, for those that wonder what does elk meat taste like, they can be answered with the fact that the meat is actually more tender and flavorful than any beef that you can buy from your local grocery store or butcher.

In fact, it is so tender and flavorful that you do not need to season it with little more than salt and pepper. Wild elk meat can have a gamey taste to it, however. To eliminate this flavor, you can soak the meat in milk or one to two days before cooking it.

How to Cook Elk Meat

The question of how to cook elk meat can be solved by realizing that it can be processed and prepared in the same manner as beef. Hunters process it into popular cuts like sirloin and round steak, burger and even shoulder and tri-tip roasts.

You do not need to cook the meat at extremely high temperatures. You can bake or broil it at 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to cook it all the way through while still preserving its moisture and texture.

It is also perfect for grilling and can be quickly and easily prepared by placing on a charcoal or gas grill. It only takes a few minutes of cooking on each side to get burgers and steaks that are medium rare and juicy.

Finally, it can be dried in a food processor and made into jerky strips and links. Jerky is a flavorful and low-fat healthy snack that gives you plenty of protein and iron. It is also handy to take on the go.

Is Elk Meat Legal in the United States?

Not only is this meat legal in the United States. Nutritionists also encourage people to eat it. When you wonder who eats elk meat, the answer is just about everyone who loves low-fat meat that is high in protein, iron, folate and other important nutrients.

When you wonder where to buy elk meat, you can find it at specialty butcher shops and plants that process deer, buffalo and other wild game. These businesses routinely offer it when it is in season. They also get it from farms that raise these animals legally and then sell them to processing plants and butcher shops.

Elk Meat Nutrition Facts

The known elk meat nutrition facts can compel you to give it a try today. A four-ounce serving size has:

It also contains 110 percent of your daily allotment of Vitamin B12.