To many people, crocodiles are revered creatures worthy of fear and respect. However, to adventurous eaters, crocodile makes for a nutritious and flavorful meal. Crocodile is perfect for stuffing and grilling, cubing and deep frying – it is really up to you.

Crocodile Overview

Crocodiles are large reptiles native to warmer climates found in Australia, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Said creatures are cold-blooded, which means they cannot produce their own heat.

Ergo, during colder periods, they must hibernate or relocate to warmer locations. Additionally, crocodiles are amphibious, meaning said creatures can spend extended duration’s in water and on land.

Crocodile Meat

Crocodile meat is typically presented in three forms, body meat, white tail meat and dark tail meat. Body meat, as its name might indicate is extracted from the creature’s bodily structures. Individuals who have sampled this flesh opine that it has a tougher texture. Lovers suggest that white tail flesh is tender. Finally, those in the know maintain that is tough.

Crocodile Meat Nutrition Facts

To many nutritional and healthcare professionals, crocodile is considered amongst the more healthy exotic meats available for public consumption. The product is said to contain significantly lesser concentrations of potentially harmful substances like saturated fats and far larger quantities of healthy nutrients, such as protein than various cuts of commonly consumed meat products like beef.

Additionally, crocodile flesh is rife with discernible levels of other pertinent nutrients, including potassium, fiber, phosphorous, omega-3 fatty acids, differentiations of the Vitamin B complex and monounsaturated fat.

What Does Crocodile Taste Like?

The consensus amongst most individuals who have eaten crocodile meat is that it tastes somewhat like chicken. However, said subjects also opine that croc flesh possesses a slightly fishy flavor. However, said taste is pleasant and not too aromatic or offensive to the taste buds.

How To Cook Crocodile?

This product can be made employing conventional cooking techniques like baking, grilling or frying. That said, culinary professionals recommend cooking it from a frozen state as thawing has a tendency to diminish its flavor content.

Moreover, expert chefs caution prospective preparers not to overload crocodile meat with spices or sauces because said action could also lessen the product’s natural taste.

Where To Buy Crocodile Meat?

Crocodile meat is readily available for purchase through various online food retail establishments. Additionally, the product can often be found in specialty food markets and in various seafood stores. Moreover, certain countries might sell crocodile in conventional supermarket settings.

Who Eats Crocodile?

Arguably, the trend was begun in Australia. However, given the healthy and flavorful quality of croc meat, the product’s popularity has increased and is now widely consumed throughout the world. In the United States, crocodile meat is especially popular in the nation’s southern regions.

Is Crocodile Meat Legal In The United States?

It is legal to purchase and consume crocodile meat in the United States. Although recently, the State of California attempted to ban the sale and import of alligator and crocodile products. However, a federal judge recently overturned this ruling after the State of Louisiana sued California questioning the validity of the initial ruling.