Black Bear

Those of us who are into consuming exotic meats can all agree that Black Bear meat is in a league of its own. Provided that the bear has been on a good diet, the meat will have an underlying sweetness to it that makes anyone who eats it, fall in love with it.

So, what does Black Bear meat taste like? Till now, we have determined that how good the meat tastes are proportional to the animal’s diet. In our experience, those bears that feed off wild berries and other kinds of vegetation taste the best. Those Black Bears that feed off salmon tend to have a fishy after-taste which most people don’t much care for.

Whatever your preferences might be, we can all agree that no one wants to consume the meat of dumpster bears— those that scavenge for food in dumpsters.

Basic Stats

So, we know how delicious Black Bear meat is but is it as healthy as it is delicious? The answer is yes! According to sources, a 100-gram slab of Black Bear meat approximately contains 52% protein and 48% fat.

This slab of meat will have a caloric value of 155 and contains numerous vitamins and minerals such as 7.2mg of Iron, 3.2mg of Niacin and 0.2mg of Thiamine.

Usually, center-cut Black Bear steaks are priced around $18.95—according to Czimer’s published prices.

In the state of Alaska, you need a hunting license to hunt both Black Bears as well as grizzly bears. Some hunts may also require a harvest ticket; registration permit or a drawing permit. However, this law varies greatly since in some cases all you need is a simple license. It is, however, illegal to shot at cubs or a sow accompanied by cubs.

About the Animal

The Black Bear, otherwise known as Ursus Americanus is native to America and is found in areas ranging from Alaska to Mexico. It is found in 41 out of 50 states in America. This species of bear is speculated to have come about approximately 2 million years ago. Today, they are estimated to be at 600,000 Black Bears in North America.  

Fully grown females weigh up to 175 pounds while males weigh 400 pounds. While standing on all fours, Black Bears are 3 feet high and when on their hind legs, they are 5–7 feet tall.

Black Bear meat is typically consumed by the residents of Alaska where hunting is permitted.

Flavor Profile

Black Bears taste close to what venison tastes like, only sweeter. The flavor of the meat also tends to be milder in the spring than it does in the fall since there is lesser fat. Moreover, in texture, the Black Bear is similar to pork except it’s a little coarse-grained.

Regarded as tough, grainy, and sometime “gamey” compared to other types of meats. It comes with great nutrients however, with a single serving providing the suggested amount of iron for men and a good source of zinc.

Easy-to-cook recipes

If you’re interested in how to cook Black Bear meat, we have provided basic tips for you to prepare the bear. After ensuring that your bear meat is safe to eat, the first thing you need to know is that bear meat cooks just like pork—cook it at 375°F for about 20-25 minutes per pound.

There are numerous recipes you can make with bear meat:

Where to buy Black Bear Meat

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